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The College of Public Health is a Division of Temple University dedicated to researching the dynamic relationships of cancer patients and their families. These studies are aimed at researching and improving the communication between caregivers and patients that are dealing with short and long term economic, psychosocial and healthcare challenges.

The College of Public Health does tremendous good for the community, which is why we were eager to support their efforts of a new website when they approached us.

The goal was to craft a website that adhered to Temple’s brand standards manual, yet boasted a personality and purpose of its own. All while delivering a positive user experience for patients and caregivers who came to the site to learn more about the study they were participating in.


The tools and skills we used to make it all happen

We enjoyed working with the team at Temple University to help bring their College of Public website to life. We achieved our goals and were able to give the team a simple and effective tool to help educate their patients and families. Here are some of the tools we used to accomplish this:

Website Design and Development CMS
Integrated Technology

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