Engagement comes in many forms – social media, emails, blog posts, phone calls, and one-to-one conversations, which all help to connect you with your audience. However a true engagement strategy is most impactful when you can understand your customers’ wants and needs and quantify them with real- time data and measurable analytics.

Analytics can and should inform your marketing campaigns overall effectiveness.
At Pivot, we believe that “continual process improvement” of your campaigns are critical. As a result, we proactively research the statistics on the back end of your website, your social campaigns, along with your email campaigns, to evaluate and potentially increase the effectiveness AND your bottom line!

When we design a strategy for our clients, a large part of that strategy is focused on:

  • Making sure we speak the language of the client’s prospects
  • Keeping existing customers happy and well informed.
  • Continually developing ways we can improve the client’s offering

Each of these goals rely heavily upon real-time call to action data of your clients and prospects.

The marketing campaigns we design are only successful if our clients move from unheard to heard, from forgotten to be remembered and from known to desired.

The only way to make that happen is to tear down the wall that exists between your brand and ideal client, and to help your audiences understand that they mean so much more to you than a simple transaction.

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