Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing subscribes to the reality that today’s consumer doesn’t want to be inundated with cold calls, direct mail, or cheap advertising. An Inbound strategy is centered around creating valuable content that your customers seek out. This content is specifically designed to appeal to your ideal customers, and attract qualified prospects that keep coming back for more.

The inbound methodology is made up of four steps, each of which is designed to funnel your prospects through the buyer’s journey all the way to conversion and loyalty.


1. Attract Strangers
In order to grow your business, you need to find and target complete strangers, and convince them that you’re worthy of their time and attention.

We accomplish this by developing buyer personas, and crafting comprehensive keyword strategies built around the terms used in their searches.

We then use these keywords to:

  • Create content of value, such as blogs, videos, and infographics
  • Develop fully optimized web pages
  • Use social media to grow a buzz around our brand

Through these efforts, your targeted strangers will soon become qualified leads.

2. Convert traffic into leads
Although traffic is a good indicator of a website’s success, it’s important to transition that traffic into leads. We create premium content/lead magnets (such as white papers, guides, videos), landing pages and calls to action, to funnel traffic into qualified, profit generating leads.

3. Close your leads so they become customers
The work we do to attract qualified leads will make it easier for you when you’re ready to convert these leads into customers.

Leads have shown interest in what you do or offer; now it’s time to close the deal by nurturing this relationship through targeted/automated emails, lead scoring and more.

4. Delight your existing customers so they become your biggest fans
You might think your job is done once you land a customer. We know better. The best way to grow your business and generate buzz around your brand is when your existing customers promote your company on your behalf.

That’s why we work hard to strengthen your brand’s relationship with its existing customers through social media, valuable content and more. Our goal is to help your customers get the most out of what they purchased from you, so that they’ll be more than happy to become your brand evangelists.

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