With online sales expected to reach over 500 billion in the next 5 years, Ecommerce has become the driving force of success for many large and small businesses. The internet provides companies with a worldwide marketplace turning what would otherwise be a small footprint into a much larger one.

We understand that simply setting up an eCommerce shop isn’t enough. A thoughtful approach to design and experience is necessary to stand out among a crowded market space. When developing your eCommerce solution, the end user is always at the center of our strategy. Whether it’s a line of code, a product description, or a custom graphic, we’re continually considering how this will enhance the customer experience. While customers flock to eCommerce sites rich with personality, they’ll return because of a streamlined experience and easy checkout.

Mobile devices have made it even more convenient for customers to search, choose, and shop, from the comfort of their living room. By using the latest technologies and platforms available, we’re able to create conversion-optimized ecommerce solutions that remain consistent – and user friendly – across every device.

There’s no question about it: your customers are buying products and services online. Pivot can help you make sure that in the end, it’s you they choose to shop with.

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