Daigle Oil

Steeped in history, Daigle Oil has grown from a one man, fuel truck operation to a 200+ employee business with locations stretching across Northern and Central Maine. After more than 60 years in business, the Daigle team continues to reinvent the fuel and HVAC industry with its quality service and forward thinking mindset.

Daigle’s website was soundly built and proved to be an asset for years. However, as design trends, technical capabilities, and customer needs evolved, Daigle found that its website needed to generate more leads in order to become a viable online resource.

It was clear that our redesign had to focus on Daigle’s family-friendly culture – this culture is what led Daigle to become such a prominent force in the region for decades. We also reorganized the navigation and improved the user experience to mirror the buying patterns of existing customers.

Our research also uncovered tremendous growth opportunities with social media. Customers were evolving and needed a direct link to the Daigle Oil team in order to ask questions or get updates. After launching a social media strategy that included a few targeted Facebook campaigns we were able increase visibility from 500 to 8,000+ members and enhance Daigle’s customer experience.


The tools and skills we used to make it all happen

One of the most challenging aspects of a project like Daigle is ensuring that the changes and updates we implement do not alienate the company’s existing – and large – customer base. We relied heavily on our market analysis and field research to ensure every step we took in both web design and social strategies represented Daigle in the best possible light. Here’s how we got it done:

Website Design and Development CMS
Integrated Technology Social Media
Website Maintenance

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