Value Proposition

A value proposition is a short statement, which helps your ideal client understand how they’ll immediately benefit from using your product or service. It describes the target buyer, the problem a product or service addresses, and provides a promise of value to be delivered.

Lastly, It tosses away shoptalk and delivers a simple message to your ideal client that they will remember.

Value = Benefits – Cost

Here’s how Pivot helps you develop a winning value proposition

1. Understand your customers and your market
We believe that your value proposition should cast a spotlight on your customers. It’s important to find out what they want and value most. Do they want to solve a problem? Improve their quality of life? Or perhaps both.

2. Know your product, service or idea
There’s no doubt about it, you know your product, service or idea better than anyone else. However, how well do you know it from your clients’ perspective? Our team will help you see and appreciate your offering from their viewpoint. From there we’ll identify how it solves your customer’s problems.

3. Identify and research your competitors
The key to a winning value proposition is to make sure it is truly unique. Keeping in mind, your market is actively scanning the marketplace for like-minded opportunities. How does your product, service or idea create more value than the others? That’s where we step in and support you in achieving measurable clarity and understanding.

4. Put it all together
Supplied with all of this information, we’ll create a value proposition that speaks directly to your ideal customers and have them saying: You have exactly what I’m looking for.

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