Lead Generation

Lead Generation

In today’s consumer-driven economy customers have instant access to information across the globe. It has become increasingly difficult to stand out among a crowded room without quality content that is entertaining, educational or rewarding for consumers. Traditional (or interruptive) marketing strategies no longer garner the same lead generating results they once did.

At Pivot, we develop meaningful results driven content. Everything we produce – be it a video, blog post, infographic, lead magnet, etc. – is strategically focused on attracting qualified leads and converting customers.

At the heart of lead generation is understanding and evaluating the wants and needs of your ideal client. Once we are able to identify your customer’s pain points we develop premium content addressing those concerns and highlight solutions to best serve their needs.

Generate Leads with Pivot Creative

We use a two-prong approach to generate leads through content building.

  • We develop premium content (such as eBooks, free templates, checklists, etc.) gated behind a signup form and landing page
  • We create organic content (blogs, short videos, podcasts) that attract your leads to your site, and funnel them to your premium content landing pages/forms

Once content has been downloaded, we start to target the potential customer with useful and relatable information through a strategic email marketing campaign and work toward guiding the lead into the sales funnel of becoming a customer.

Although, increased traffic to your website is good, increased qualified leads is even better. Our comprehensive lead magnet strategy, will not only have customers flocking to your site but provide profit generating opportunities, as well.

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