Based in Bedford, NH, Matheson educates, trains and supports allied health and safety professionals in the areas of functional capacity evaluation, work injury evaluation, ergonomics, and post-offer employment testing and job assessment.

Matheson’s mission is to train therapists and safety professionals to become “thinking evaluators” and provides them with the tools and resources to become the industry’s elite.

One persistent challenge for Matheson was its outdated, confusing and often unusable website. Clients had difficulty finding and registering for courses and were often puzzled by the site’s poor user interface.

We knew we had to give Matheson’s website a fresh look, and worked to understand the culture, mission, and goals of the company. With our discoveries in hand, we were able to create a cutting edge website that simplified the user experience and increased monthly sales.

In addition, to a new ecommerce system that streamlined the checkout process, we also designed a unique password-protected portal for past clients that served as a resource center for professional growth and development.


The tools and skills we used to make it all happen

We loved the unique challenge we faced in redesigning Matheson’s website. It was important that we not only provided a forward thinking design, but a customer friendly experience that made signing up for courses simple and pain free. Here’s how we got it done:

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Ecommerce Integrated Technology

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