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5 Reasons Why You Need a Professional to Manage Your Website

As a small business owner, I understand the balance required to grow your enterprise while keeping a close eye on your budget and bottom line. The current Covid-19 crisis makes striking that balance even more challenging than usual and many business owners are understandably reluctant to spend money unnecessarily right now.

That said, professional website management is not an unnecessary expense. In fact, it could really elevate your business and help you focus your efforts in a more strategic manner. Here are five reasons why you need a professional to manage your website for your best business.

Key Features of Professional Website Management

There are certainly more than five reasons why professional website management is an important investment for business owners. However, these are the five I find most critical.

Consistent and Careful Maintenance

Entrusting your website to a professional affords you the freedom to focus on your business with the confidence that any website issues, tweaks, or edits will be handled for you. By hiring someone to manage your website, you free up your schedule — not to mention some valuable mental space — to work on your business without worrying about its online presentation.

Commitment to On-Time Updates

Part of that consistent maintenance involves keeping up with important system and application updates to ensure optimal functionality and user-friendliness. These updates roll out on a frequent enough basis that it’s easy to overlook them, which is another reason why outsourcing this task to a pro is a smart move.

An Online Bouncer for Your Business

In addition to updates and system functionality, every website needs a gatekeeper. Security is critical to your business’ online presence. With cybersecurity constantly threatened by data breaches, hackers, and viruses, putting a professional in place to safeguard your website’s security is almost non-negotiable in this day and age. Think of your website manager like the bouncer for your business — only those on the guest list gain entry. Everyone else gets turned away.

Performance Checks

As we all know, websites are not immune to glitches and do require troubleshooting from time to time. The goal here is to recognize and remedy a problem before any visitors to your website do. Right now, no small business can afford a visitor typing in their URL only to be met with an error or redirect message. Task a professional with your website’s performance checks to keep everything running smoothly.

Expert Analytics Evaluation

Ever wonder whether anyone read that blog post of yours or if that landing page you agonized over is doing any heavy lifting when it comes to inspiring action on your website? This is where your website manager can provide invaluable information by tracking your website’s analytics and compiling reports that cover the performance and popularity of specific content. This information can then guide your future content creation strategy.

It’s fair to say that when it comes to managing your website, the DIY approach could potentially be more costly than partnering with a professional. If you’d like to discuss how our team can support your small business, drop us a line and let’s schedule a planning session over a coffee or beer.



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