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Fish Where the Fish Are: Why Your Online Presence Matters

There’s an old saying that goes: if you give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day; if you teach a man to fish, he’ll eat forever. While this is a wonderful piece of wisdom to encourage self-sufficiency, it’s not flawless. For instance, what if you teach a man to fish, but the only place he ever fishes is a tiny pond in his back yard? Sure, he’ll eat well for a while, but if he’s fishing for three meals a day that pond is probably going to empty out pretty quickly. On the other hand, if you teach a man to fish then point him to the bountiful ocean, he will truly be set for life.

Consider your business the anglers and your clients the trout. While learning how to “fish” might drive your business for a while, if you are only doing so in a limited geographic area, your client pool is going to slowly dry out or become repetitive over time. This is why, in the context of your marketing strategy, understanding how to fish is only half the battle; in order to truly succeed, you have to cast your line where there’s the greatest opportunity to reel in new, unique clients– namely, the internet.

Here are a few reasons why establishing a strong internet presence is essential to keeping your client pipeline full in 2019.

In this day and age, most fish prefer to swim in the ocean
The most obvious reason to establish or improve your business’ online presence is that statistically, a higher percentage of buyers are using the internet to research companies and make their buying decisions than ever before. Data posted by the reputable Advisory firm BIA / Kesley demonstrates that approximately 97% of consumers search online before buying a product or service locally. In other words, relying on walk-in business or even organic word-of-mouth referrals to grow your brand is not very sustainable without some sort of web platform. Taking proactive steps to build or improve your website presence is the quickest way to connect your brand with new potential clients, and remain relevant in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

Old fashioned fishing poles, bait and lures cost money; digital varieties save you cash over time
In terms of marketing, the web has revolutionized not only the scope a committed brand can achieve, it has also vastly reduced the cost of doing so. For those of you who can, I want you to think back 25 years. In those days, marketing meant paid ad space in newspapers and phone books, it meant significant point of sale material, it meant direct mail campaigns, maybe it even meant televised commercials or radio spots. In the age of the internet, you can consolidate all of these strategies into an organized digital platform that eliminates restrictions on the amount of information you can provide your clients, and streamlines the various methods of delivery you have to get it in front of them. From digital point of sale, to blogs, to YouTube videos, an up front investment in a quality website and digital marketing team can yield greater bang for your buck and dramatically reduce your advertising budget over time.

You can finally reach those exotic fish at the bottom of the ocean
No matter your business, some desirable clientele often seem impossible to get in front of, especially in a non-digital environment. While you’re never going to capture every client, a strong web presence affords you more opportunities to connect with those hard-to-reach prospects, with a more personalized message. Whether you’re trying to engage them through social media posts, entice them with drip marketing or email campaigns, or approaching them in some other creative fashion, your digital platform will empower you and your business to find and approach new and diverse clients you might never otherwise meet.

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