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Widening Your Net: 7 Ways Your Website Can Improve Your Business

Everyone has to start somewhere.

As a kid, I can remember baiting my first hook on my children’s spinning rod and dropping it into the shallows of the pond down the road. I can remember being very proud at my first few catches, even though they were probably only a few ounces. As I got older, though, I had to upgrade my equipment to catch bigger and better fish.

Consider the internet as a giant pond. Your website should be the high tech fishing rod that can help you reel in the really desirable game. Whether you’re just getting started with online marketing, or you’re considering upgrading to the next level, there are many compelling reasons to prioritize your website above anything else.

1.) Credibility
A clean, professional and streamlined website gives consumers the impression that your business is to be taken seriously. Start with a polished home page. Put your logo on display. Once you’ve made that first great initial impression on the visitor, they will follow the landing pages of your site like a road map to wherever you want them to go.

2.) Cost-Effective Advertising
In terms of achieving maximum brand exposure for a fair investment, you cannot really get more bang for your buck than the internet offers you. By putting out a strong, well-designed website, you are making yourself available to the largest concentrated consumer audience in the world simply by being online and active.

3.) Discoverability
Undoubtedly, a strong website makes your business easier to find for a broader range of clients. Where business used to depend on geographical location and outbound marketing techniques to be found, SEO and website functionality can actually bring clients to you without you having to solicit them directly.

4.) One Stop Information Resource
Unlike old fashioned marketing resources such as flyers, pamphlets, advertisements, magazines and newspapers, your website doesn’t have a defined word count, or limit on the amount of information it can contain. You can build countless landing pages, and upload consistent marketing materials and content. From a consumer perspective, being able to find everything in one place helps make the buying decision that much easier.

5.) Round the Clock Access
Stores close. Salespeople sleep. The internet never shuts down. Your website works 24/7/365 marketing your business and pushing your brand out into the world. For consumers, there’s nothing more frustrating than feeling rushed to a decision because a pre-determined timeline. On your website, a buyer can take as much or as little time as they need to make a choice, and you don’t even have to be awake!

6.) Customer Growth
One of the obvious benefits of a website is that it can help grow your business. Just like any type of sales or marketing, converting prospects to clients is a numbers game. A well-constructed website that efficiently pulls in shoppers and guides them through the sales cycle will inevitably earn you new clients.

7.) Relationship Building
It’s important to remember that the web was designed to connect the world. Accordingly, your website is your brand’s resource to connect and build relationships with clients, both new and old. Whether it’s through engaging content, consumer feedback opportunities or social media connectivity, your website can help you relate and build strong bonds that convert one time buyers into long term customers.

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