Small Town Scuttlebutt

Small Town Scuttlebutt: A Hilariously Serious Digital Transformation

Small Town Scuttlebutt

Small Town Scuttlebutt’s original website was self-built and essentially a simple landing page. As its founders grew more serious about their very non-serious podcast, the client quickly realized they needed to up their online game. Small Town Scuttlebutt came to us with a simple but challenging request: to elevate their brand to match the successful professionals they were becoming. 

Wants and Needs

The client’s original website provided visitors with limited information about Small Town Scuttlebutt’s mission and what to expect in their podcasts. It didn’t have the functionality to embed its podcast episodes on the website, which meant visitors were directed elsewhere to listen. And there certainly wasn’t any merch available for sale–never mind the ability to send in topics for future podcasts! They needed a website that delivered an elevated and consistent customer experience.

The Solution

What Pivot originally identified as a brand refresh and complete website rebuild ultimately expanded to include social media consulting, content strategy, and content creation. We began by redesigning all aspects of the brand (including colors, fonts, and logo) to create a more recognizable identity. We also re-developed and redesigned the website for improved functionality and presentation, adding:

  • Slight animations throughout the website to show the client’s humorous personality.
  • Functionality to automatically pull podcasts onto the website as embedded media.
  • ECommerce functionality to allow the audience to purchase fan merchandise.
  • Space for brand-focused copy to help viewers get to know the hosts.

Once the brand identity enhancements were complete, we educated the client about social media best practices and provided guidance on the best technology and other tools to help them achieve their social media goals. We also provided branded social media graphic templates to assist them with creating consistently on-brand social media posts.

The Tools and Skills We Used to Make it Happen

We used quite a few of our combined skills to ensure all aspects of the client’s request were met:


  • Branding Identity 
  • Website Design and Development
  • Graphic Design and Animation
  • Social Media Consulting and Strategy
  • SEO Best Practices


  • WordPress (CMS)
  • Ecommerce Plugins
  • Loomly (SMM Tool)

“Our new website is much more interactive and features professional photography, a clean design, and ways for people to get to know us online. Pivot’s web developer, Adam, went above and beyond what we asked for, adding in some subtle page animations that match our brand and personality perfectly.” 

~Rick Fink of Small Town Scuttlebutt

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