Honeycomb Bookkeeping

Honeycomb Bookkeeping aims to provide an exceptional customer experience with simple, reliable solutions to bookkeeping headaches. They work with a variety of business types and sizes, from growing creative business owners to condo associations and many service industries in all stages of growth. Honeycomb is more than a bookkeeping service provider; they are partners in business and thrive on the success of their clients. 

Founder and CEO Linda came to Pivot looking for a new logo and some updates to her marketing collateral. She believed that her current brand felt too “childish” and wasn’t connecting with the type of clients she wanted to attract long-term. 

By taking some simple steps to match the brand image and voice to the quality of its offerings, we knew we could help Honeycomb take its brand presence up a notch – both on and offline. We designed a new logo and added custom design and content elements to the website to match. From there, we developed new and elevated business cards and letterhead designs to pull the brand together on all fronts. We also created a branded PowerPoint template for use in sales and presentations. 


The Tools and Skills We Used to Make it All Happen

We really leaned into our creative skills for this project, particularly in the area of brand development and storytelling. The result was a more polished and professional digital and print presentation of the Honeycomb brand to help the client reach its intended audience. 

To successfully exceed client expectations, we relied on our skill sets in the following areas:

  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Website Development
  • Collateral Design
  • Copywriting

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