The Chameleon Group offers a dynamic sales and business development solution that enables clients to reach the right prospects with the right message every time. Experienced in building sales funnels, managing CRM systems, and creating new opportunities the Chameleon Group helps clients minimize risk and fast-tracks success. Whether a new start-up or an established global corporation, Chameleon’s approach improves its client’s bottom line and eliminates time and overhead related to hiring, training, management, benefits, and equipment.

In 2017, Chameleon Group came to us looking for a cutting-edge design that complimented their technology-driven industry and showcased their advanced capabilities. The user experience had to be clean, mobile-friendly, and engaging. Working with Chameleon we were able to streamline their product offerings and make it simple for users to dive into the variety of services available. We also worked with Chameleon to create a bright and energized color pallet that helped the website stand out among its competition.

In 2023, their new website hit its 6-year mark. They were so happy with the website we created for them back then that they had us revamp it. Our goal was to create a less “salesy” website that connected with their audience, so we focused on creating story-driven content that accurately conveyed their mission and values. 

We also modernized the design and functionality of the website, making it easier for users to navigate and find the information they need. To ensure Chameleon’s website was easily discoverable online, we took over their SEO campaigns and worked with their blog writer to optimize their content for search engines.



The tools and skills we used to make it all happen

We’re thrilled with the results and proud to have helped Chameleon achieve their goals – again!

We used the following tools and skills to bring a new and improved version of the same brand to Chameleon’s audience:

Website Design and Development

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