Ammonoosuc Community Health Services

Ammonoosuc Community Health Services (ACHS) felt they had a website that did not represent the community or the health center effectively. From a client perspective, the site was disorganized, difficult to navigate, and lacked necessary HIPAA compliant protocols. With a growing list of responsibilities and limited time the idea of developing a new website was overwhelming. ACHS needed help quickly!

Wants and Needs

ACHS needed a creative team that could alleviate stress and bring their brand vision to life quickly and effectively. ACHS wanted a clean, user-friendly website design, that provided easy access to location information, showcased “calls to actions”, and highlighted events and donations. Additionally, they needed a site structure that was easy for them to make small updates including: center information, clinicians, and locations.

The Solution

Like all of our clients, ACHS had a unique story to tell and they needed our help to express it. We started with the structure and framework of the site to ensure that the most valuable information was at the forefront of the new site design. Our next priority was ensuring that the site design showcased ACHS’ brand standards and captured the essence of walking into one of their facilities. Next, we focused on ensuring that the site was fully integrated with their HIPAA-compliant forms and was equipped with technologies for the visual and hearing impaired. Finally, we wanted to make the site as easy to use and update as possible. We custom developed modules to make it easy to update content, add and remove clinicians, and update locations. The site has proved successful for ACHS as user compliments have increased and general engagement on the site has spiked since the launch.

The tools and skills we used to make it all happen

Through the process, we relied on the following tools and skills to deliver the desired results:

Branding Identity Responsive Design
Website Design and Development Website Maintenance

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