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Fall in Love with Your Branding

Like any relationship, the one between you and your brand can start to feel stale. This can happen when you’re so focused on your business and delivering what your clients need, that you neglect to work in your business and end up taking your brand for granted. 

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we thought we should play Cupid and share some suggestions to help you fall in love with your brand again. And reignite the passion for your business!

Take a Look at Your Logo

When you first launched your business you were probably super excited to create your logo (pssst… if you haven’t already, you should absolutely hire a professional to design your logo). Now that you’ve been in business for a while, your logo might feel a little too familiar… maybe even a little tired. This does not mean you need to scrap your logo and start all over again. Imagine if we did that every time we grew tired of our significant other? 

No, all you need is to refresh what’s already there with some simple strategies. Maybe it’s enhancing or changing a certain color or sharpening a few lines. Does your business have a tagline? If so, can you incorporate it into your logo — either above, beneath or alongside it? Already have a tagline? How about removing it and any other text altogether? Try switching up the font or emphasizing certain elements over others. 

Play to your brand’s messaging by ensuring that it’s represented in your logo design. 

Need help? We’re here!

What About Your Website? 

If you’ve grown a bit weary of your logo, the same is likely true for your website. This might certainly be the case if you are not a web designer and attempted to create your site on your own. A professional web designer can work wonders for your brand and business. 

A few simple changes can also go a long way. Again, you don’t need to start from scratch; instead, look for opportunities to make some easy enhancements. For instance, do you have a blog? If you do and you’re not using it — get started! If you don’t, see about integrating one and start creating fresh content that you can share on social media (this is a two birds, one stone suggestion). 

Swapping out old images for new ones is another smart strategy and so is checking that key information like your About Us page is up to date

Look back over the year and see if you can source some strong client testimonials or create case studies that show off your skills and expertise.

The key is creating new content, which you can then use to…

Sharpen Your Socials

Whether a brand new blog post or important excerpts from past publications, strengthen your social media presence by sharing content. Pro-tip: you can share across platforms by using a scheduler tool and making some small tweaks to your posts ahead of time. Just consider the audience typically associated with each platform and craft your posts, accordingly. 

Inviting some engagement can help energize your own thoughts and feelings about your brand. Involve your audience and get some new conversations going.


Ready to start feeling the love for your branding? Get in touch and let us take aim with our proven marketing strategies and expertise. 


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