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Is Your Marketing on Trend for 2020?

You don’t have to be a marketer to know that marketing trends are ever-changing and sometimes tough to follow. As soon as you implement one initiative, a new strategy rolls out and it’s up to you to decide whether or not you’re going (or able) to switch gears and keep current.

Hiring a professional marketing agency takes that burden off your shoulders and might be the partner you need to stay on point. Check out three of this year’s featured marketing trends and see if you’re missing an opportunity for better business…

Here it is: 2020’s marketing trifecta.

Zero in on Zero-Click Results

Simply put, a zero-click result is an answer auto-populated by Google. In other words, you type in a question or search and the result appears without any further need for scrolling or clicking on your part. These smart snippets of information are proving quite popular. In fact, Entrepreneur reports that “61.8 percent of search results in Google are now zero-search results,” which means keywords aren’t as profitable as they once were.

If you want your content to rank (and why else would you bother creating it?), the challenge is figuring out on-SERP SEO in order to increase your brand’s visibility. Not sure where to get started? We can help!

Speak Up!

In order to be a part of the conversation, you need to optimize your content for voice search, which accounts for 20% of Google searches. With more and more people relying on voice search capabilities on their smartphones, optimizing your content is crucial. In order to do this, adopting a more conversational tone tops the recommendations by industry thought leaders.

Marketo explains:

Think about it; you don’t speak the same as you communicate online! For example, when you look for the “best B2B website designs” on desktop, you will type just that. When using voice search, you tend to use more conversational language such as “What are the best B2B website designs?”

If writing conversationally feels forced or contrived to you, let us take the lead.

Put Your Stamp on a Skill

Dubbed “branded skills,” although Google calls them “actions,” this type of marketing provides value to an audience by offering information relative to a voice search. For example, asking Alexa, Amazon Echo or Google Home about seasonal allergies might result in a skill from Zyrtec, which offers its own Daily AllergyCast, providing helpful information like pollen counts depending on location.

These three marketing trends require a creative and targeted approach in order to be effective. You’re busy doing whatever it is you do best. Contact us when you’re ready to pivot your marketing efforts for greater results.

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