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Conversational Marketing: Empower Your Clients to Sell Themselves

“I’m Just Looking.” “I’ll let you know if I need help.” “Put me on your no call list.” “Unsubscribe.”

As business owners and salespeople, you’ve probably heard one or all of these responses many times. These are the robotic rejections of clients who live their lives bombarded by impersonal advertisements, spam mail, and uninvited solicitations. In other words, these boundaries are good indications that a customer is not ready to engage at a particular moment.

In the age of e-commerce, the message is not always so crystal clear. It is often difficult to know when a potential client is interested in your business, is in the market for something you offer, or is ready to speak with someone. Of course there are tons of analytical tools that track clicks, visits, and seconds on a page, but none of these metrics shed any real light on customer intention.

Thanks to the relatively new marketing methodology called conversational marketing, you no longer have to guess what a client is searching for on your website- you can just ASK them.

Conversational marketing lets you talk to clients when they want to talk to you…
It is very rarely a coincidence that a customer will visit and remain on your website for no good reason. Something on there caught their eye, or sucked them in. A conversational marketing tool built into your site allows you to open a direct dialogue (similar to an instant message or Skype conversation) to talk to them while they are MOST engaged with your business. Better yet, it allows the customer to respond to you in real time. This ability to ‘converse’ back and forth empowers the customer to guide the sales process and helps you discover what they need, what problem they want to solve, etc. Not only does this simplify the sales process, it also helps the customer feel as if they are being helped rather than hassled.

Technology is great, but people still like to do business with people…
We live in a point-and-click world. There’s no use denying it, the internet is the marketplace of today. That having been said, most people still prefer to do business with real people, not machines. One of the great advantages of conversational marketing tools is that they help humanize the online shopping process without eliminating the convenience. Being able to provide live personal service can help you ease consumer apprehension while still offering a swift and simple transaction.

Conversational Marketing is all about efficiency with a personal touch…
Although much of this blog focuses on tools for the website, the broader concept of conversational marketing consists of a go-to-market strategy intended to better engage your customers across all platforms from the web, to social media, phone, email, or even in person. Regardless of the type, conversation marketing is all about one-on-one engagement with your client that is personal and empowers them to talk, ask questions, and provide feedback.

The team at Pivot Creative Management can help you get started with your Conversational Marketing initiative, and provide you the tools to have more personalized contact with your customers when they are most engaged.

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