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Technology: You Can’t Win Today’s Digital Battle With Yesterday’s Weaponry

Throughout history, battle has evolved as advancements have been made in the technology of war. The spear was a fearsome weapon until the development of the sword. The musket was groundbreaking, but then along came the long rifle.

The digital marketing world has evolved at lightening speeds due to technological breakthroughs such as tablets and smart phones. In the same way that this technology is changing, digital strategy and design are changing to fit these new, preferred browsing formats. If your business is web-friendly but not tech friendly, you risk falling behind. Getting up to date with your average client’s technological demands is central to succeeding on the digital battlefield.

If your web presence has already become dated, here are a few things you should address to properly equip your company for battle.

Get mobile. Desktops and laptop platforms are war relics, they belong in a museum

It’s hard to believe that desktop and laptop computers are already becoming a thing of the past. The reality is, most people carry their main computer in their pocket. Cell phones are the primary point of access for most web users in 2018. As a result, even if you have a nice website, it’s critical to ensure that it is mobile-friendly. There’s nothing worse than searching for something on your phone, only to find a slow-loading website that doesn’t fit your device screen. The reality is, most consumers will no longer wait for your page to load in that format. Instead, they will move on to the next company whose site functions better with their device.

Want to gain ground on the digital battlefield? There’s an app for that
Mobile apps, once considered optional, are quickly becoming a must-have for businesses looking to grow. More and more, consumers are searching for businesses via the app store rather than opening a browser page. Taking the initiative to invest in an app for your business before the market absolutely demands it is wise, and could give you a leg up over competitors who are waiting for mobile apps to advance from a consumer want to a business need.

With e-commerce, you can win the battle with the tap of a button
Do you have a service to sell? Can your customer buy it online? E-commerce has been around for years, but advancements in mobile technology have made it a more powerful tool than ever before. By building a mobile storefront to compliment your mobile-friendly advancements, you are building a call-to-action into your digital platform. If you make your product or service available to consumers on an easy-to-use, low-effort storefront, they are more likely to buy with you out of pure convenience. If a customer has navigated your website to your online store, they’ve already decided they want to buy. Investing in a platform that will let them complete their transaction without hassle will undoubtedly increase your bottom line.

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