Steelway Custom Cellar Doors

About the Client
Based in Pennsylvania, Steelway Cellar Doors has been making cellar doors and pre-fabricated American-made steel cellar entrances since 1963. They have become the authority on custom doors and lead the industry by providing the best fitting and long-lasting doors for each and every job. Steelway has two main websites, one local (focused on door installation) and one national (focused on the standard and custom doors themselves).

The Challenge
Steelway came to Pivot looking for a more affordable way to continue to drive leads and conversions. They were working with a 3rd party vendor, paying for both ad spend and for each lead obtained, whether they closed the lead or not. Steelway realized this wasn’t sustainable and that they needed to find a partner that was more aligned with their needs and budget. Additionally, both of their websites were outdated and essentially obsolete. They needed major updates visually and functionally. The technology used to obtain data and requests from potential clients was antiquated and was slowing down their lead-to-conversion rate significantly. 

The Solution
Pivot knew we could help them achieve their advertising goals at a fraction of the cost they were paying previously and that we could develop new, functional sites to help improve and modernize the communication workflow between them and their clients. 

We developed two custom-designed websites following the client’s branding guidelines. Utilizing their existing photos, we worked to make the website as exciting and visually appealing as possible, with a focus on modernizing the design and functionality. We also developed updated copy to match their brand voice throughout the sites.

The Tools and Skills We Used to Make it All Happen
With the new and improved designs and technology, both websites are now much more cohesive and user-friendly, creating a more pleasant user experience for all visitors. They are also spending about 50% less on advertising.

Our solutions to the client’s challenges were achieved by utilizing our skills and expertise in the following areas: 

  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Copywriting
  • Website Hosting & Maintenance
  • SEO
  • PPC

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