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What kind of partnering agency would we be if we didn’t listen to our clients? Before we put pen to paper and pixel to screen, we listen to your needs, vision, obstacles and goals. We want to know the challenges you face, so we can be in the position to help you conquer them.


Every successful team has a game plan. Pivot is no exception. We strongly believe that everything we do should have purpose – it should be a part of a bigger picture. We paint that big picture through energetic brainstorming sessions where tiny sparks of genius turn into groundbreaking ideas.


What good is the work we do if no one ever sees it? Once we’ve created a product that meets your needs and expectations, we launch it into the marketplace and put your brand out there for the world to see.


The products and materials we produce for our clients is just the first step of the process. We’re not in the set-it-forget-it business. Your market, competitors, and customers’ needs are constantly changing. We remain committed to finding ways to evolve and adapt your brand so that you remain the leader in your field.


We then set sail on a journey into data and statistics. Our goal here is to become industry experts so we can design customized solutions based on the trends and history of your consumers and competition.


Here’s where abstract ideas turn into concrete realties. We’ve identified your challenges; we’ve come up with solutions for these challenges. Now it’s time for our team to come together to make magic happen.


If we don’t measure the results of our work, how can we know if we ever succeeded? We’re never one to rest on our laurels, which is why with every launch, we develop an immediate plan for evaluation and analyzation.

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