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Make Your Own Luck with a Fresh Website

With March underway, we are one step closer to spring, and poised to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day — whether or not we claim any Irish heritage. Leaving the success of your business to chance is ill-advised and that’s why our team is ready to help you make your own luck with a fresh website.

Whether or not your business is just getting started or already well established, your brand’s website provides a critical introduction to your audience. Advertising, either through paid promotions or good, old-fashioned word of mouth will only get you so far if visitors find your website lacking or lackluster… assuming they can find it at all.

If your website is as elusive as that rumored pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, it’s time to get in touch and let our team’s expertise elevate your business.

Get More Green with Your Website
As small business owners, we know how restrictive budgets can be. It’s no wonder that so many new businesses and fledgling entrepreneurs attempt to design their websites on their own, regardless of skill set. However, your website is an important investment and should be managed by a professional website designer.

Professional website creation and management covers important items like routine maintenance, which can include monitoring for frequent system updates, providing critical security, along with seamless, smooth troubleshooting and invaluable analytics tracking.

Part of professional website design involves understanding the myriad options for which Content Management System (CMS) supports your website. These options run the gamut from seriously high tech to super simple.

When it comes to functionality and customization options, our team is typically in favor of WordPress. We believe WordPress offers the majority of our clients the M-O-S-T bang for their buck; in other words, it provides solutions that are Manageable, Option-rich, Secure, and Tech-Fluent.

More than practical expertise, a professional website designer can ensure your website is working for your business by customizing it into a useful tool in support of your goals.

As I’ve explained to clients many times, the internet is a pond and “Your website should be the high tech fishing rod that can help you reel in the really desirable game.”

Ideally, your website will support and provide your brand with:
Cost-effective advertising
Single source for information
24/7 access
Networking/relationship building

Ultimately, a professionally created website with curated content and consistent management is like a treasure box for your business. Your brand deserves to reap the benefits that a polished website can afford.

Still have questions about how to make your own luck with a fresh website?

Contact us and let our team take the lead on your website for a boost to your business. Remember, as the Irish expression goes, in business as in life, “You’ve got to do your own growing, no matter how tall your father was. “ Sláinte!

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