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Keep it Classy with Branded Holiday Gifts this Year

We know you want to show some appreciation and good will towards your clients this holiday season. Even better if you can put your stamp on it — literally — by branding your gifts in a classy way. The key? Consider the connection with each client and customize your gifts accordingly.

Read on for some gift-giving guidance and ideas. 

The Perfect Gift is Personal

What we mean by this is if you really want to make a positive impression on your clients this year, you should, when possible, avoid generic gift giving. Rather than adding your logo to the same product and send it to everyone, take a look at your list and ask yourself a few questions about the recipients. Reflecting on how and what you know about each person on your list will help you narrow down the perfect gift for them as individuals. 

How did you meet this client? What do you know about them, personally? Even seemingly inconsequential details can provide valuable insight. 

For instance, does your client complain about being under-caffeinated on Zoom calls? Why not send them a gift box of premium coffee and a coffee mug with your brand on it? It’s a thoughtful gesture that demonstrates you’re listening and paying attention to their needs, no matter how seemingly small.

Consider the Context

Try to think of your client outside of the four corners of a computer screen. Imagine your client in their natural environment in order to come up with a useful and appropriate gift. For instance, if your client lives in sunny California where the weather is temperate year round, gifting them a pair of fleece-lined gloves featuring your logo isn’t exactly ideal. Nice, but not useful and certainly doesn’t signal that you know anything about your client and who they are. Remember, business after all is personal, no matter what The Godfather says. 

Be a Sensitive Santa

Picking up on personal cues will also help you avoid giving a gift that is inappropriate. Although the majority of your recipients might love a six-pack of craft beer or a bottle of wine with your “label,” sending such items to non-drinkers on your list will make you look insensitive at worst and tone deaf at best. Play it safe and skip this kind of cheer, unless you’ve shared spirits with your client personally. 

Gifts for the Greater Good

Of course, we realize it’s not always possible (or financially) feasible to come up with the perfect gift unique to each individual client. It’s time consuming and might prove too costly for your budget. So, if a bulk order of a specific product is more your speed this season, we suggest you consider gifts that have universal appeal. In other words, choose items that are useful, regardless of industry or the size of a business. Maybe it’s a leather-bound journal or an elegant pen that will sport your brand in style, or a handy gadget like a portable charger. 

Put Your Signature on It

If you can’t tailor your gift to each client, you can at least make sure whatever you send represents your brand. Try to choose items that embody an aspect of your brand, whether it’s solutions-oriented (keep devices charged wherever, whenever) or a champion of creativity (journal, pens, sketchpad, etc.) Whatever you choose, take the time to include a holiday card with a quote or phrase inside that gives a nod to the meaning behind your gift. 


What branded gifts will you give your clients this season? If you need help with any printed collateral or more targeted shopping suggestions, give us a call. We’re always happy to help!

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