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When It Comes to WordPress, the Keyword is ‘M-O-S-T”

When it comes to your website, you want to get the MOST out of your investment. Part of ensuring you are maximizing your return on investment is understanding what CMS (Content Management System) your site is built on.

There are countless platforms out there ranging from those hyper-complex alternatives that require a degree in computer science or at least a very strong understanding of digital marketing such as Contao and Craft, to point-and-click DIY solutions such as Wix, GoDaddy and Squarespace.

As designers, we here at Pivot Creative Management prefer a CMS that offers the best of both worlds; not one so simple that it limits our ability to build unique, customizable websites, but also not so complex that end-users won’t be able to navigate the back end to update content or make pertinent changes. Accordingly, when designing sites, we generally favor WordPress, as it offers the ‘M-O-S-T’ solutions both on the design side, and the customer application front.

When talking about our preferred CMS, ‘M-O-S-T’ to us stands for Manageable, Option-rich, Secure, and Tech-fluent. Have a look below at why we believe WordPress is the strongest platform based on these criteria.


It’s just another word for user-friendly. At the end of the day, once the site is built a great deal of the updating and administration of your website is going to be in the hands of yourself and your staff, not necessarily a designer. Thus, other CMS’ that require (for example) a working knowledge of HTML are not conducive to your average user. According to one source, “WordPress is easy and intuitive to use and has a small learning curve… It’s a great choice for beginners, [and is a great choice for small and large businesses, schools, blogs, stores and personal sites.[1]”


The mark of a good CMS is, in many ways, its versatility, customizability, and scalability. WordPress by far leads the charge in terms of breadth of unique design options. As one resource explains: “[it] comes packed with pre­-built themes… with all these choices, you can make your site look however you want.[2]” Beyond being packed with easy-to-use options and plugins, WordPress is expandable for everything from small, concise sites to larger, content-rich sites. It also offers options specific to client needs such as blogs, ecommerce, etc.


Controlling over 59.9% of the new design market share, WordPress knows their sites are targeted by pirates and hackers more often than any of their competitors. With this sort of exposure, they have stayed on the cutting edge of website security, regularly releasing updates and patches to protect you and keep your site less vulnerable.


Aside from exist, what does your website “do?” WordPress’ platform answers this important question by making itself exponentially more cooperative with major technical demands and expectations. One key area where WordPress sites blow the competition away is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). “WordPress, from the get-go, gives you an advantage with SEO, especially regarding on-page optimizations. It takes care of many crucial cornerstone elements of a website[3]” explains one resource. Moreover, WordPress themes generally offer mobile-compatible features without writing extra code, which makes meeting the increased demands of mobile-friendly sites easier. Lastly, WordPress more than its competitors ‘plays nicely’ with other software and integrates well with social media, analytics and other components of your overall digital marketing strategy.



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