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Pivot & Concord Analytics Partnership Creates Digital Marketing Dream Team

In the world of digital marketing, there are countless roads you could follow with your marketing strategy, and it’s not always easy to understand which ones will help your brand advance faster, and which ones are potential dead ends. Data analytics exist to serve as a road map to direct your marketing strategy.

In the tech age, businesses are collecting data through countless channels, at an unprecedented rate. As a digital marketing firm, it is essential for us to help our clients make sense of all this raw data. That’s why Pivot Creative Management has formed a strategic partnership with Concord Analytics. By teaming up, we can offer our clients clear, specific, quantitative analysis of their data which will provide insight into their marketing approach, how it’s performing in the present, and what adjustments can be made to maximize future growth.

Who is Concord Analytics?

Concord Analytics is a local, privately owned analytics firm whose mission is: “To serve and empower clients by analyzing information, navigating change, and creating effective solutions for their organizations, people, and communities.” Its founders boast decades of combined experience and education in the field of data science. Their expertise comes in their ability to extract and organize a company’s captured data, analyze it to uncover meaning and trends, and present their findings in a visual and understandable format. This process is essential to uncovering solutions for a business, and helping them plan for future growth.

How do data analytics work?

Think of data as raw information being dumped into a giant vat. What you end up with is a mish-mosh of information from various different channels, but as a whole it’s too messy and disjointed to be useful. The data analysts of Concord Analytics have the tools and knowledge to distill this raw data into a “meaningful story that provides insight and guidance.” They will present patterns and intel contained in data in a way that is easy understand, and can help a business make educated decisions about their future marketing plans.

How will data analytics help your marketing and business plan?

There’s a well known cliché that says: you don’t know what you don’t know. In terms of data, your business is collecting such a huge amount of it from so many different channels, it’s difficult to extract relevant meaning without being able to look at the sum of all parts. The team at Concord Analytics will break down data from all your different channels and combine them into a digestible visualized presentation. This process allows you a birds-eye view at your overall marketing approach, consumer trends, areas of opportunity, and potential areas of improvement. Getting such a comprehensive look at the information contained in your data provides invaluable insight into your company’s strategy, and helps build an educated plan for future growth.


Together with Concord Analytics, we can help you dig deep into your data to build a marketing strategy that is informed and strategic. Give us a call to start a conversation today.

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