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The Website: Build and Fortify Your Castle

As in any great battle, the key to victory begins not on the battlefield, but within the castle walls. Regardless of the strength of the attack, a lack of resources and organization on the home front can spell disaster in the long run.

From a business perspective, you can equate your website to your castle. If you’re truly committed to marching your company onto the battlefield that is the digital landscape, you’d be wise to first focus and invest on a website that is unique, organized, and fortified with layers of resources. Without this structure, you run the risk of stunting your own growth, and ultimately losing the digital battle to competitors whose website simply offers more functionality.

Here are some keys to building a strong website that will support and sustain your company as you march it into the proverbial fray.

A cheap approach WILL yield a weak fortress
If you’re serious about thriving in the digital world, the first thing to understand as that there are countless companies out there that will offer “cost-effective” or even do-it-yourself web design services. These options may appeal to the budget-conscious business person, but be warned– low cost generally means low quality. So what does this mean to you? If you base the design of your website on price alone, you’re already going to battle at a disadvantage.

In the tech age, a cut-rate website will not go unnoticed by the average consumer. If it’s not organized and easy to navigate, your prospective clients are likely to move on quickly. In addition, search engines such as google are grading websites on how user friendly they are, so a less polished site can hurt your search engine ranking, which ultimately means less traffic through your site.

Greater depth equals greater defenses
A great home page is a terrific start, but your website is strengthened by what it does beyond the main screen. Landing pages, a streamlined menu, search functionality, and links are the elements that keep the client engaged once you’ve drawn them in. The more depth you can add, and the easier your site is to navigate, the more your users will stick around.

Clear calls to action are boldly waving banners
So you have a great website, and you’ve given it enough depth and material to draw in your ideal client. The question now is, what does your site do to build sense of urgency and desire to do business with you? Calls to action throughout your website are necessary to take growth to the next level. They are your digital way to fly your company’s banner, and to communicate to the customer who you are, why they should care, and most importantly, what they should do next.

On the digital battlefield, a strong website is a competitive advantage. Taking measures to invest in your website is taking time to invest in growth, and a superb first step to your battle strategy.

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