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Calling in the Calvary: Capturing Business with Creative Content

There is nothing more awe-inspiring than battle scenes that depict a wave of mounted cavalry pouring down a hillside to support the infantry and beat back the enemy.

Consider your content strategy to be your cavalry on the digital battlefield. It charges forward and advances your business across multiple fronts, from your website, to SEO, to social media. Content is a hot topic. It’s frequently talked about and often misunderstood, but make no mistake- quality content is VERY valuable. It’s one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience and differentiate your brand on a competitive landscape.

Here are a few keys to understanding content, and how it can help bring you glory in digital battle.

Content or copy? Two cannons are better than one.
Describing each subtle difference between copy-writing and content is an article all its own. In general though, content comes in various formats and is the proverbial ‘meat’ of all your digital marketing material. Content can take the form of writing, video, and info-graphics to name a few. In general, content serves to engage and inform. Copy, on the other hand, is purely written material that elaborates on specifics of your business, industry, or other relevant topics. Blogs, articles, and e-books are common forms of copy. Every website will have some content or copy- the best will have both.

A mixed attack will gain the most ground
As previously stated, content comes in numerous different formats, and the best digital marketing strategy is to offer various different “looks” on the same platform. There are countless styles of learning and engagement. Some consumers might connect more with video clips or podcasts, whereas others might be more drawn to written material. Still others might prefer the best-of-both worlds experience offered through info-graphics. Many consumers will even engage with information through a blend of all of these mediums. Thus, the more diversified you can make your content, the more attractive your user experience will become.

Great content strategy is a relentless offense
Content is not a one-off initiative. Along with offering a blend of formats, you want to make sure your content stays fresh and up to date with industry trends and demands. Keeping your blog up to date, regularly posting new material and offerings, and replacing dated material will make your consumers expect a different experience every time they engage with your website or marketing material. Also, regular output keeps up with increasing search engine demands related to customer experience.

A strong content approach is key to swooping down and beating back your competition, and fortifying your hold on your precious client pool. To learn more about our creative content skills contact us today.

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