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Building Your House: Creating a Brand Worth Fighting For

Every great kingdom has a sigil, every great army has a battle flag, and every great business has an identifiable brand. Your brand is your announcement of who you are, what you stand for, and why you are greater than your competitors. Branding is simply building customer loyalty and name awareness through visual triggers and a consistent, repeatable message, and it is crucial to your growth.

Do you want to be the company people associate with your industry? Here are a few branding tips that can gain you traction and growth in a competitive marketplace.

Your logo is your house symbol, build it well, then wear it proudly
It’s amazing how a simple visual trigger like a partially eaten apple or a golden letter “M” can identify a business on a global stage. A logo is the answer to the simple question: what do consumers see when they think of your business? It is the silent definition of your identity as a company. So before you march your brand out onto the battlefield, it is important to make sure your logo is professional, eye-catching, and unique. Once you’ve created a unique visual brand, it is important to make it visible. Whether it’s marketing material, your digital platform, or even screen-printed “swag,” make sure your logo is front and center. Consistency and regularity are the keys to visual association, and the more you highlight your logo to the public, the more it will stand alone as a symbol of your brand.

Clarifying how the spoils of battle will benefit your customer is key to brand development
When making purchasing decisions, your average customer wants to know two things: what your business does, and how it benefits them. The industry term for the answer to these questions is: value proposition, and it is central to your branding initiative. A great value proposition is about more than telling a potential client what your company does well. It should demonstrate an understanding of your client’s needs, and how your company can support those needs better than any other. Although your services might cross over with other companies in your industry, what is it about the way you solve problems or address client needs that makes your business unique? Taking the time to build a value proposition that is targeted, impactful, and different is a major key in establishing brand recognition.

Your brand is more than an icon on your battle flag, it is your name and what you stand for
Your brand is not just a logo, a slogan, or even a value proposition. It is your identity as a business. That is why it is important, beyond business jargon, to build your brand based on who you are as an individual or group of individuals, and why the work you do is important to you. The modern consumer often wants more than a great price- they want to known and trust who they are doing business with, and what sets you apart. Accordingly, telling your business story is a huge part of building a brand that consumers will respond to, and be emotionally drawn to. The more you can inject your unique personality, values, and approach to business into your branding initiative, the more opportunity you create for potential customers to buy in.

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