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What to expect from SEO in 2018

Search engine optimization (SEO) was once only considered marketing jargon, often met with blank looks and hesitation. Another way for agencies to dig into their client’s pockets. Today businesses understand the value of SEO and consider it a must-have component to their digital marketing strategies.

With Google’s ever changing algorithms and updates marketers are often scrambling to stay ahead for their clients. It requires continual A/B testing, market analysis and a careful eye on analytics and reporting to keep clients on top of search engine rankings.

As you start to plan your 2018 marketing strategy, here are a few things to keep in mind while you try and rise above your competitors in search engines.

UX and RankBrain Will Have a Big Impact On Your Ranking
In 2017, Google announced that RankBrain was one of the top three contributors to search engine ranking. This machine-learning system measures and ranks sites based on how users respond to their search engine results. For example, if a user inputs a query, clicks on a page and actually stays and reads the content, a site’s ranking will improve. However, if the content isn’t what the user is looking for and they immediately go to another page that site is negatively affected. So how long a user spends on your page is as important as how many people click on your page.

It’s becoming more and more important to ensure that you are engaging your audience with unique, stimulating content. By creating a customized user experience that is tailored to your audience you will begin to see improvement in your search engine results. Additionally, its important to analyze your reports and bounce rates so that you can find the content that works best and create more like it.

Voice Search Is Changing How People Search
It’s simple when you are manually entering a query into Google you are using as few words as possible to find the information you need. Tiny cell phone screen and big fingers make it difficult for users to type detailed search inquiries. Therefore, as voice technology continues to improve, the way users phrase searches will begin to change. Expect longer natural language keywords, and optimize your website to respond accordingly.

Content Matters – The Devil is in the Details
In addition to analyzing pages for keywords in title tags, URLs and description tags, Google Spiders are now responsible for dissecting how in-depth keyword topics are being covered on pages. If users are able to find out everything they need to know about a particular topic on one page, that page is rewarded with higher search engine ranking. Therefore, longer more complete content of 2,500+ words will out rank a shorter article on the same subject.

How Small Business Can Benefit
While it’s true that retail giants have unlimited marketing budgets at their disposal, it’s clear that search engines are rewarding quality human connection more and more as the digital world increases. Brands that focus on optimizing user experience and tailor products and services for loyal fans will begin to connect and receive positive 5 star reviews, dramatically influencing their SEO ranking in the process.

Pivot Creative specializes in improving market visibility and brand awareness for local businesses on a big stage. Schedule an appointment with an expert today to see how we can improve your organic SEO strategies and boost your online authority in 2018.

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